How to lose weight in 4 days

A common problem with weight loss for many people is staying with the program. At the beginning, everything seems so easy to stick to, with both ambition and commitment running high. After a while, your motivation wanes and you cannot push through in your workouts like you used to be able to do. Many people, however, fail to experience this frustration. Achieving weight loss goals and keeping their goal weight is something some people do. How do people maintain their goal weight for so long?

The very first step is to determine what your goals are for weight loss. Do you have an upcoming social function for which you want to look your best? Do you have a target weight you want to reach? Is the reason for your weight loss medical in nature or something else, such as energy or fitness? You should ask yourself questions like these when you set your goals.

Keep a record of your weight loss every week. Keep a log that charts your weekly weight loss progress. Record what you eat in the same book. Hold yourself accountable, and write down each thing that you eat. Knowing that you have to write down bad choices will make you less likely to actually choose them.

When you allow yourself to get very hungry, you will be far more likely to make poor choices. You may end up eating whatever is on hand rather than making a more healthful choice. Plan your meals in advance and take them with you if you are busy. Prepare lunch in advance rather than eating junk food on the go. Not only will eating at home save money, but it will also reduce your calorie and fat intake.

The secret to successful, lasting weight loss is a combination of nutritious eating habits coupled with a good exercise program. It is important that you exercise three times a week or more. If you cannot commit to exercising, then pick an activity that you can stick with for the long term. Try to get your friends involved by asking them to walk with you. Being outside for a nice hike can be a great way of getting exercise. Sign up for a class and learn a new high-energy style if you enjoy dancing.

Exercise burns calories and is essential to weight loss. For optimal benefits, the CDC recommends doing one hour of cardio on most days of the week and strength training on two days. To lose weight in four days, give your workout schedule a boost by doing one hour of cardio on Monday and Wednesday, and a resistance training circuit on Tuesday and Thursday. Whether you enjoy jogging, riding a bike, or exercising on an elliptical machine or stair climber, maintain a pace that still allows you to talk, but not sing. During strength training, work all major muscle groups and complete eight to 12 repetitions and two or three sets of each exercise.

Boosting your metabolism can speed up your weight-loss effort. Include high-intense intervals in your cardio routine, because this triggers you to burn calories up to 24 hours after your workout. Just speed up your cardio to a vigorous pace for one minute before returning to a moderate pace for two minutes. Do this five times during your workout. Take some time to eliminate all unhealthy junk foods from your house. Remove all unhealthy choices and you will not give into temptation. The harder it is to eat unhealthy food, the less appealing it will be, and the less you will consume.

Deciding to lose weight is your own personal challenge. You will feel more at ease if you have the support of your friends and your family. If you may be tired, discouraged, or lacking in motivation at times, have a friend join you for a healthy snack. Instead of reaching for whatever it is that tempts you most, call someone special for help and words of encouragement. This can get you back on track in no time.